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Romanian retailer Altex on leaked "fifa 15 coins" listing information. Information from the game "FIFA 15" rack-page view, which for this year is expected to be September 26 landing Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms, priced at $ 60, Cheap Fifa Coins.

"FIFA 15" on sale a month to get a very good results, not only in the big sell more, cheapest fifa 15 coins, but get a lot of game review sites all ages. Until recently, makers EA also released a patch for this football game, modify the game's many details.

It is reported that, EA patch for this shot and the goalkeeper made an adjustment and improvement, while access to improved technology as well as the gate line. In addition, EA same player career mode for the search has been adjusted. Of course, the most important thing is to update the reality EA injury list.

In addition to these updates, cheap fifa coins, Xbox One version of "FIFA 15" also received two additional improvements. EA first enhanced motion blur effect, then also amended the EA Football Club mode widget legendary players in FIFA Ultimate display problems.

Amazon revealed that EA's Italian football new work "FIFA 16" will be available on September 24 this year, Cheap Fifa Coins, there are now more about this as the news.

EA Sports has released two Careers, what is surprising is that actually the plot to recruit designers. NBA 2K series is joined MyPlayer mode, Fifa Coins, maybe EA seeking something similar.

Job requirements are as follows:

"Designers want the player into the story tells the story mode, cheap fifa coins, league mode for the players to ensure that the script, dialogue and narration as the story developed, allowing the player to produce mood changes.

Role players let you create empathy, cheap fut coins, the use of non-linear story about the skills and attract them to follow the plot development. "

Of course, this has not been confirmed "FIFA 16" or "Madden 2016" there will be a story mode, fifa ultimate team coins, EA is planning to maybe bring a different direction for the series. "FIFA 16" from last August began to develop, and maybe there will be something unique this year, so stay tuned, buy cheap fifa coins.

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