Photo Credits

The quality and presentation of this website would not have been possible without the stunning imagery contributed by so many of our dear friends and colleagues. The following folk are gratefully acknowledged for their selfless contributions in this respect – we joyfully raise our glasses to your good health and happiness:

Kevin Robinson, Marina Costa, Terry Whittaker, Barbi White, Pine Eisfeld, Isabel Cordoba, Dave Allen, Adrian Shepherd, Alessandro Ponzo, Pascal Kriwy, Gena Williams, George McCallum, Chris Johnson, Richard Crossen, John Durban, Michael Tetley, Dave White, Gary Haskins, Nina Baumgartner, Matthew Hobbs, Jan Northrop, Caroline Weir, Natacha Aguilar De Soto, Carole Meyer, Darja Ribaric, Livia Zapponi, Glen Tepke, Chad Schutte, Richard McGee, Jacki Yamin, Karen Hall, Jamie Vaughan, Esther de Graaf and John Rochester.

Permission for use or reproduction of any of the images displayed should be directed to the CRRU webmaster at

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